Hisense, a Global Brand providing high-tech products, requires higly organized and efficient pre/after-sales servicing.

For this very reason a number of training sessions are organised with operators of the Inbound Call Center.

With a view to a continued growth, Hisense has designed a CRM directly relating to the Synthesys platform by Voice&Web in order to open real-time intervention tickets and subsequent prompt taking-over by the nearest TAC.

The streamlined flow of communication enables a direct link with Corporate management Software, data collection and significant cost savings. By the processing of data reports, Hisense identifies the most frequent problems and converts them into FAQs to be released on corporate website, so as to simplify the search and solution by the Customer.


Home Heating and Air Conditioning guaranteed by Vaillant are included in a multi-brand and multi-product project referring to the Contact Center, with two dedicated 800 Numbers.

The first, the official one, is designed to answer common requests for information, measure the mood on advertising campaigns and activate plans for monitoring corporate assistance centres.

The other, specially activated on a promotion regarding scrapping of boiler/commodity with an extended warranty on the new, enables the operator to open tickets and to collect data directly onto Vaillant’s portal connected to Voice&Web’s terminal, with a subsequent significant reduction in the operating time of calls.