B|Braun is a company operating in the medical field with the goal of improving people’s quality of life.

Paying high attention to patients’needs, they boast a long-standing partenrship with Voice&Web, having elected its Contact Center as the reference point for suggesting – with care and technical expertise – the best post-operative treatments for patients (i.e. ostomates).

An accurate daily report inform the Head Office about the number of requests for produce samples to be allocated to the applicants, thus maintaining a lasting relationship with patients.


Angelini Elctro-Medical instruments, a project promoting Customer Care (B2C – private customer or B2B – Pharmacy) on products such as the Sphygmomanometer and Aerosol inhalation equipment, in terms of: technical features of product, functionality, replacement parts, guarantee claims.

Data collection enables the Client to schedule corrective and improving actions on both product and services.

A customized monthly report charts a quality pattern of incoming calls, geo-referencing specific data broken down by product categories.