Social & Web Marketing – Listen, Communicate and Create Web Reputation


The goal of the Social Web Marketing service is to monitor Brand presence, its positioning and reputation on the most popular Social Media in order to consent the Contractor to feed and strengthen the positive aspects while counteracting and rectifying critical elements, through a specific action plan.

Web Reputation

The Social Web Department is organised according to a well defined model of research, analysis and monitoring of online content concerning the Contractor.

This is done through the building of a semantic map of the brand, starting from depictions of its identity, its positioning on the market and from the defintion of Keywords belonging to its profile, integrated by the use of “human search” algorithms exploring any detailed information posted or tweetted on the web.

The department provides a Dashboard through which you have a full picture of Brand Web Reputation and the general impression matured by Clients after reading online opinions.

The Reputation Management platform keeps regular monitoring of several sources, such as: blogs, social networs, communities, thematic forums, indipendent information and online news, private and competitors’ websites, specialised scientific journals, multimedia open publishing sites (You Tube, GoogleVideo, Flickr, Wikipedia, etc.)

Inbound Strategy

Marketing & Telematica, nowadays MeTMi, was one of the first Italian companies in Italy to run services on a 800 Number. As you know, such services firstly originated to be able to communicate with one’s own target as well as to prove some openness and willingness to interact with Customers.

Nowadays, to get visibility and a positive, consistent and complete reputation, an Inbound Strategy should be defined, providing for the creation of thematic portals, opening of social-networking accounts, welcome, organization and handling of all telephone contacts on a green line and by the use of Dem, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Posting in general.

Crisis Recovery Plan

A few hours are enough for a negative piece of news, an improper video or image to be spread on the Web, thus undermining the Company’s reputation.

It is vital to have a plan to handle potential emergency situations and to respond promptly and properly.

The Crisis Recovery Plan by Voice&Web is studied with the company and generates a digital model which is handed out to all employees of the company – through a smartphone application, flash drive or PDF file – to permit proper control procedures to be adopted.

Coordination processes are then activated – in outsourcing – at Voice&Web operations center to facilitate identification of the most relevant detrimental messages and determine the best strategy.

Social CRM

Social CRM activity represents an essential component of the relationship between the company and its public of consumers, which is from now possible to identify by analysing the interaction on social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).

Our target is to create a data warehouse that contains, in a structured manner, information realting to customers interacting on social pages, as to schedule various CRM actions (events, promotion, loyalty programs, contests).

Through CRM Social platform, it is possible to carry out drilling activities or to plan pre-selling campaigns, namely to determine the ideal time in which a new product should be offered to a Customer, according to the predictive analysis of his or her needs.