The project has historical roots, a project where a successful company steadily growing has entrusted to a single Touch Point the relationship with its Customers at all levels. Started with pre/after-sale servicing, by answering the Official 800 Number, over the years it has achieved a genuine cooperation/partnership Polti-Voice&Web to develop an integrated platform, designed to handle calls through Polti Portal.The platform also deals with collecting data on Customer Satisfaction related to the Service and creating corporate CRM.
A monthly customized report helps the Head Office to monitor all activities promptly and precisely.

Gabel Group has always been synonymous with excellence in the field of household linen and as such, from the very beginning, they have seen the opportunity to establish a special relationship with their customers.
Voice&Web, through its services, has shaped a preferential channel of relationship: at first by answering the direct 800 Number, then arriving over time to set up and operate the eCommerce platform for the management and finalisation of sales, product support, handling of anomalies, assistance and back office.
Equally important, the recall activity on customers to check the actual successful conclusion of orders.
In order to obtain the best result from the project, operators have been directly trained at Corporate Headquarters, with a guided tour to the creative and production wards.